Chiara Gabellini

Chiara Gabellini is a New York-based photographer, videographer, and collage artist. Musing on the volatility of adolescence, Gabellini depicts the simultaneously devastating and beautiful confluence of innocence and destruction. Inspired by subversive advertisements of decades past, Chiara often collages her photographs with found imagery and text. The artist’s body of work is an aggregation of materials — photographs of her friends shot in ruinous spaces, materials sourced from vintage magazines, and accumulated mementos.

Gabellini began shooting photographs using a Nikon film camera at age 13. The artist describes her process as explorative rather than aiming to portray something conclusive, noting “I don’t have enough life experience to make definitive statements on anything — and maybe I never will.”

Gabellini’s first solo exhibition, an immersive installation titled Dumb Kid, was exhibited at the Rice Hotel in Miami in December 2019. The artist has collaborated with brands including Converse and Slam Jam, alongside an editorial commission for Homme Girls featuring Sasha Lane and Bottega Veneta.


  • Dumb Kid (Rice Hotel, Miami),


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